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Team Concept

Our Coronado office promotes a team concept for the benefit of the client. The concept of “team” is founded on: specialization, collaboration, and consultative-based customer service.

Unlike a typical real estate brokerage not expressly concerned with the principles of consultation, our agents are not in competition with each other. Quite the opposite…they actually collaborate as a means of maintaining excellent professional relationships with our clients. As a means of providing this superior customer service to all of our clients, SD Residential is dedicated to the ideals of a team-based consultative approach in which the managing brokers, real estate consultants, and office staff all work in tandem to ensure that our clients receive exceptional service.


Traditional vs. Progressive

Prior to the Internet era, it is well known that real estate brokers and agents possessed all of the “secrets” to the local real estate marketplace. Both buyers and sellers heavily relied on Realtors and brokers to be experts in all communities, because the “localized” information was only accessible to those within the industry. Currently, anyone with access to the Internet can easily access localized content of any community they might be interested in. When it comes to community information and customer service in real estate? As more information and content continues to develop, so too will the need for specialization in localized Real Estate. It seems absurd that you would get advice from a brain surgeon for heart related issues…right? Why should the Real estate industry be so different then?


Currently, the professional real estate community can be divided into two ways of thinking: The “tried and traditional” vs. the “new and progressive.”



  • It is acceptable to rely on one agent for every area and every transaction type
  • Buyers and sellers are forced to solely rely on Realtors for localized market information and current marketplace opportunities
  • Real Estate agents are heavily dependent on nationally branded offices to provide legitimacy to their business services. Within these real estate offices agents are forced to be in competition with each other rather, than acting in collaboration for the good of the client
  • Realtor business practices are founded on a sales-based customer service model. With this approach, buyers and sellers become entirely dependent on which agent might spend the most money for marketing, and not necessarily the most qualified


  • Agents are now required to become a true specialist in a particular localized community or transaction type
  • Specialized content-based websites will provide both buyers and sellers with the resources necessary to research all of their preferences and real estate criteria
  • These community-based websites will support offices that promote a “team concept” for the benefit of the client. The ideals of these teams will be founded upon: specialization, collaboration, and consultative-based customer service
  • A client’s success will come only from an agent or broker who is completely dedicated to customer service and satisfaction rather than the short term monetary outcome of a transaction

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